May PCI Geomatics to showcase Analysis Ready Data tools and Open Data Cube at ESA Living Planet Symposium 05/13/2019
April The GRSG Agrees Software Access with PCI Geomatics for Student Members 04/25/2019
PCI Geomatics announces educational campaign in Brazil 04/11/2019
February PCI Geomatics Releases Geomatica and GXL 2018, Service Pack 1 02/11/2019
December PCI Geomatics Announces Remote Sensing Young Scholars Program 12/21/2018
October PCI Geomatics Releases Geomatica and GXL 2018 10/01/2018
September PCI Geomatics Completes Historical Airphoto Mapping Project for Virginia County 09/18/2018
August PCI Geomatics signs Strategic Education Alliance Agreement witd tde State University of Rio de Janeiro 08/27/2018
June PCI Geomatics Attending 39td Annual Canadian Symposium on Remote Sensing 06/18/2018
PCI Geomatics Attending GEOBIA 2018 Conference in Montpellier, France 06/14/2018
February PCI Geomatics Releases Geomatica Software Update 02/07/2018
January PCI Geomatics Releases GXL 2017, Service Pack 1 01/31/2018
October PCI Geomatics Signs Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with AGH University, in Krakow, Poland 10/24/2017
PCI Geomatics and Sysdeco to Hold 5th Annual Geomatica Day in Rome, Italy 10/19/2017
September PCI Geomatics to Hold Global Business Partner Meeting in Berlin 09/19/2017
PCI Geomatics Releases Geomatica 2017, Service Pack 1 09/12/2017
August PCI Geomatics renews Strategic Education Alliance Agreement with Stellenbosch University 08/08/2017
July PCI Geomatics to Host User Group Meeting in Ottawa and Celebrate 35 years in Business 07/25/2017
PCI Geomatics Releases GXL 2017 07/18/2017
PCI Geomatics to Present Historical Airphoto Processing (HAP) Case Study at the Esri International User Conference 07/10/2017
June PCI Geomatics to Present OBIA, InSAR, and Compact Polarimetry Papers at Canadian EO Summit 06/19/2017
PCI Geomatics Delivers GXL System to L3 Link Simulation & Training 06/12/2017
May PCI Geomatics Expands Business Partner Network in Central America 05/23/2017
PCI Geomatics Now a Planet Ecosystem Partner 05/09/2017
PCI Geomatics to Present OBIA and InSAR Papers at ISRSE-37 05/04/2017
April PCI Geomatics Releases Geomatica 2017, Featuring Geomatica Object Analyst and Geomatica InSAR Modules 04/11/2017
March PCI Geomatics Releases STAX for UAV 03/07/2017
PCI Geomatics Expands Scientific Research Team 03/02/2017
February PCI Geomatics Welcomes Advanced Groundwater Technologies to its Reseller Partner Network 02/15/2017
PCI Geomatics Joins UK’s Geologic Remote Sensing Group (GRSG) 02/08/2017
 January PCI Geomatics Signs Consultora Agroprecisión as Sole Authorized Reseller in Ecuador 01/24/2017
PCI Geomatics Marks Milestone in Cloud-Based Image Processing 01/17/2017
PCI Geomatics Announces Collaboration with Deimos Imaging to Support the PanGeo Alliance 01/10/2017
September PCI Geomatics and PrecisionHawk Enter into Long Term Partnership 09/20/2016
August PCI Geomatics Releases Geomatica 2016 Service Pack 1 08/09/2016
May PCI Geomatics Delivers High Volume Production System (GXL) to Skymap Global in Singapore 05/25/2016
PCI Geomatics Named Corporate Partner of the Year by the Lassonde School of Engineering, York University 05/03/2016
April PCI Geomatics Expands Partnerships in Southern Africa 04/14/2016
March PCI Geomatics Releases Geomatica 2016 03/30/2016
PCI Geomatics Releases GXL 2016 03/01/2016
January PCI Geomatics to Hold User Group Meeting in Ottawa, Canada 01/07/2016
November PCI Geomatics and CONABIO Reveal Mexico Country Mosaic at the Latin America Geospatial Forum 11/09/2015
October PCI Geomatics Extends and Expands its Exclusive Agreement with China's Beijing Space Eye Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. (BSEI) 10/14/2015
September PCI Geomatics Releases Geomatica Developer Edition at Intergeo 2015 09/15/2015
PCI Geomatics Releases Geomatica Developer Edition at Intergeo 2015 (SPANISH) 09/15/2015
July PCI Geomatics Releases Service Pack 1 for Geomatica 2015 07/08/2015
June PCI Geomatics Launches Customer Support Website 06/30/2015
April PCI Geomatics Names GlobalGeo Sole Authorized Reseller in Brazil 04/29/2015
PCI Geomatics Releases Geomatica 2015 04/28/2015
March PCI Geomatics signs Strategic Education Alliance Agreement with Stellenbosch University 03/30/2015
PCI Geomatics Guest Lecturing at Canadian University on Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) 03/10/2015
PCI Geomatics Releases GXL 2015 03/03/2015
February PCI Geomatics to Provide Live Demonstration of 30cm WorldView-3 Imagery & Applications 02/27/2015
PCI Geomatics Implements Support for KazEOSat-1 02/25/2015
January PCI Geomatics announces strategic partnership with MDA for Accessing RADARSAT-2 Imagery 01/13/2015
PCI Geomatics Changes its Toronto-area Address to Markham 01/06/2015
December PCI Geomatics Announces Student Licensing availability via Partnership with Studica Academic Reseller 12/17/2014
PCI Geomatics Announces Availability of Python Scripts for use in Geomatica 2014 12/03/2014
November PCI Geomatics Attends GIS Day events in Ottawa 11/18/2014
October PCI Geomatics and IAVO-RS Announce Update to 3D FeatureXtract Software 10/14/2014
September PCI Geomatics and Cloud Mapping Technologies Officially Announce Opening of the CMT Production Center at LAGF 2014 09/24/2014
PCI Geomatics to Develop a Commercial End-to-End Interferometric Processing Capability for Environmental Monitoring 09/11/2014
August PCI Geomatics rolling out the Geomatica 2014 Roadshow 8/27/2014
PCI Geomatics to Host International Reseller and Business Partner Meeting, October 20-23, 2014 8/19/2014
PCI Geomatics Releases Linux Versions of Geomatica 2014 8/07/2014
June PCI Geomatics Announces Release of Geomatica 2014 6/19/2014
May PCI Geomatics Expands Training Program by Providing Free Access to Online Coursebooks 5/14/2014
April PCI Geomatics Continues Tradition of Supporting Higher Education with the Centre of Geographic Sciences 04/30/2014
PCI Geomatics Delivers High-Speed and Automated Historical Airphoto Processing (HAP) System to Nationwide Environmental Title Research (NETR) 04/11/2014
March PCI Geomatics Announces Participation at GISWORX 2014 03/31/2014
PCI Geomatics Signs Education Alliance Agreement with Arabian Gulf University School to host Geomatics workshop from March 10-12, 2014 03/06/2014
February PCI Geomatics Announces Support for Skybox Imaging’s Imagery in Geomatica 2013 Service Pack 3 02/24/2014
PCI Geomatics Delivers Historical Airphoto Processing (HAP) System to USDA Forest Service 02/06/2014
PCI Geomatics and the SATREC Initiative sign Memorandum of Understanding 02/03/2014
January PCI Geomatics Delivers GXL Satellite Image Processing System to Instituto Geográfico Agustín Codazzi (IGAC) 01/28/2014
PCI Geomatics Updates Historical Airphoto Processing Workflow 01/22/2014
PCI Geomatics Awards Beijing Space Eye Innovation (BSEI) as the #1 Platinum Reseller 12/16/2013
PCI Geomatics Releases Service Pack 3 for Geomatica 2013 12/11/2013
PCI Geomatics Presents Rolta with the Dr. Robert Moses Memorial Award for Entrepreneurial Spirit and Product Innovation 11/25/2013
PCI Geomatics Celebrates GIS Day in Ottawa by Awarding Carleton University Student with Academic Achievement Award 11/21/2013
PCI Geomatics, Feng Chia University and Lotus (H&R) Inc. Sign International Industry - Academia Cooperation Agreement 11/13/2013
PCI Geomatics Delivers Historical Airphoto Processing (HAP) System in Sabah, Malaysia 11/07/2013
PCI Geomatics and Sysdeco Italia announce Geomatica Day at the University of Rome 10/08/2013
PCI Geomatics to provide SAR imagery analysis training for Esri and PCI Natural Resources Imagery Grant Program 10/08/2013
PCI Geomatics and IAVO-RS Announce the Release of 3D FeatureXtract Software 08/08/2013
PCI Geomatics’ GXL System to Process Video and Imagery to be Collected on the International Space Station (ISS) 07/08/2013
PCI Geomatics Releases Geomatica Discover (Jun 26th, 2013) 06/08/2013
PCI Geomatics Releases Service Pack 2 for Geomatica 2013 06/08/2013
PCI Geomatics Appoints Arnold Hougham as Vice President, Sales and Marketing 06/08/2013
PCI Geomatics Software Supports ZY-3 Sensor 06/06/2013
PCI Geomatics Software Supports Landsat-8 Sensor 05/30/2013
PCI Geomatics to Participate in Canadian Geomatica Technology Showcase in Latin America 05/28/2013
PCI Geomatics Renews Gold-Tier Partnership with Esri 05/09/2013
PCI Geomatics Software Supports KOMPSAT-3 Sensor 05/03/2013
PCI Geomatics Releases Innovative Technology to Manage Big Data Projects in China 04/22/2013
PCI Geomatics Appoints Yubin Xin Executive Director, Greater China Region 04/19/2013
PCI Geomatics Releases GXL 2013 03/26/2013
PCI Introduces Historical Airphoto Processing (HAP) Workflow 03/21/2013
PCI Geomatics Software Supports SPOT-6 Sensor 03/14/2013
PCI Announces Australian Roadshow 03/11/2013
PCI Geomatics Celebrates 60,000th Download of Freeview 02/26/2013
Geomatica 2013 Service Pack 1 Released 02/04/2013
PCI Geomatics Renews and Expands its Exclusive Distribution Agreement with China’s Beijing Space Eye Innovation Company (BSEI) 01/15/2013
November PCI Geomatics Releases Linux versions of Geomatica 2013 11/02/2012
October PCI Geomatics Releases 32-bit version of Geomatica 2013 10/19/2012
PCI Geomatics releases Geomatica 2013 10/03/2012
July PCI Geomatics releases Geomatica 2012 Service pack 3 07/25/2012
Geomatica 2013 Beta Software Released 07/10/2012
June PCI's Professional Services team to map the Philippines at 0.5m resolution using GeoEye imagery 06/28/2012
May PCI Geomatics and Discovery Air to jointly offer Fire Mapping Services in Ontario, Canada 05/24/2012
PCI Geomatics selected as first recipient of the OGC's Distinguished Member Award 05/01/2012
April PCI Geomatics innovating with new technology to meet demands of the Chilean Geospatial Industry 04/19/2012
PCI Geomatics releases Geomatica 2012 Service Pack 2 04/12/2012
March PCI Geomatics' GXL Technology used to process 1m imagery for ArcGIS Online World Imagery Map 03/26/2012
PCI Geomatics Announces Availability of Online Courses for Geomatica 03/22/2012
PCI Geomatics Releases GXL Aerial v2.1 03/20/2012
PCI Geomatics and University of New Brunswick receive Innovation Award 03/07/2012
Education Alliance Agreement signed with Northeastern University 03/01/2012
February PCI Geomatics launches GXL Professional Production Services 02/10/2012
January PCI Geomatics renews Gold-Tier Partnership with Esri Inc. 01/30/2012
PCI Geomatics Releases Geomatica 2012 (32-bit version) 01/25/2012
Socit Topographie Informatique (STI) adds GXL-Aerial system to its production environment 01/23/2012
PCI renews its exclusive distribution agreement to 2015 with China's Beijing Space Eye Innovation (BSEI) 01/17/2012
December PCI Geomatics to Release 32-bit Version of Flagship Geomatica Software Suite 12/21/2011
Geomatica 2012 Service Pack 1 Released 12/13/2011
PCI Geomatics completes beta development of its ArcGIS Synthetic Aperature Radar tools 12/07/2011
November PCI Geomatics Recognizes Academic Excellence of Carleton University Students 11/29/2011
PCI Distributor Geo-Alliance presenting GXL Workshop at the Earth from Space Conference - held in Moscow, Russia 11/25/2011
Geomatica 10.3.2 Service Pack 2 Released for 32 bit systems 11/16/2011
October Lotus (H&R) and PCI Geomatics announce exclusive distribution agreement at 2011 ACRS conference 10/03/2011
September PCI Geomatics Releases Next Generation of Flagship Geomatica Software Suite 09/15/2011
August PCI Awarded Contract by RapidEye for its GeoImaging Accelerator Technology 08/16/2011
PCI supports environmental initiatives by growing and donating trees to local community 08/10/2011
June PCI supports deployment of GXL System on Amazon Cloud to accelerate production of high resolution content for Esri ArcGIS Online platform 06/27/2011
PCI Supporting Esri to Broaden Availability of High Quality EarthObservation Imagery 06/03/2011
May GeoImaging Accelerator (GXL) Technology Sold to China's Institute of Remote Sensing Applications (IRSA) 05/18/2011
April GeoImaging Accelerator (GXL) Technology sold to defense customer in Republic of Korea 04/27/2011
PCI Geomatics congratulates Dr. Geoffrey Hinton on winning Gerhard Herzberg Gold Medal 04/14/2011
March PCI Geomatics receives recognition for successful business development in China 03/15/2011
PCI Geomatics to implement a high speed GXL system to derive ecological indicators from RADARSAT-2 imagery 03/01/2011
February PCI Geomatics working with RADARSAT-2 data to develop operational SAR tools for ESRI's ArcGIS technology 02/03/2011
December PCI Geomatics Awarded Contract for its GeoImaging Accelerator Aerial (GXL-A) Technology 12/09/2010
November PCI Geomatics Awarded Contract for its GeoImaging Accelerator (GXL) Technology in Asia 11/25/2010
PCI Geomatics Appoints Dr. Alan Moses tothe Board of Directors 11/08/2010
PCI Geomatics Appoints President and CEO - Terry Moloney 11/01/2010
October PCI Geomatics Continues to Extend Its Reach into Africa and the Middle East 10/20/2010
PCI Geomatics Welcomes the German GeoConsultants Group (3G) to the PCI Reseller Network 10/06/2010
PCI Geomatics Announces the Release of GXL Aerial 10/04/2010
September PCI Geomatics Signs Master Distributor Contract with Geo-Alliance 09/30/2010
PCI Geomatics to Represent Canada at the Rio Oil and Gas Expo in Brazil 09/07/2010
PCI Geomatics Releases GeoImaging Tools for ArcGIS, version 2.0 Software 09/01/2010
August PCI Geomatics Announces PT Barrata as New Distributor in Indonesia 08/17/2010
July PCI Geomatics Enhances Geospatial Processing Abilities with ProSDK 1.5 07/29/2010
PCI Geomatics Announces Upgrade to Geomatica Software 07/27/2010
PCI Geomatics Releases Upgrade to Feature Extraction Software 07/13/2010
PCI Geomatics to Participate as Imagery Silver Sponsor at ESRI User Conference 07/06/2010
June PCI Geomatics Signs Comprehensive Technology License Agreement with Rolta 06/28/2010
PCI Geomatics Advances Efforts in Brazil Market 06/14/2010
PCI Geomatics to showcase GeoImaging Tools at Canadian Geomatics Conference 06/09/2010
May PCI Geomatics Appoints GISTEC as Master Distributor for the Middle East 05/19/2010
PCI Geomatics Mourns the Loss of CEO Dr. Robert Moses 05/05/2010

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