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Customer support is a vital part of the PCI experience. Our mission is to exceed our customer's expectations of a geospatial software and solutions provider. We promote a customer-first environment to deliver rapid, accurate and personalized responses, proactive communication and clear, concise solutions for all types of support requests.

To help you maximize the return of your investment, we offer a choice of service levels designed to meet your business needs.

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Bug reporting checkmark sml checkmark sml
Web support resources (FAQs, Tutorials, Models, Discuss List etc.) checkmark sml checkmark sml
Software and documentation updates checkmark sml checkmark sml
Personalized support via phone, fax, or email   checkmark sml
Toll free phone (North America)   checkmark sml
Free license transfer   checkmark sml
Service in English, French and Spanish   checkmark sml
Response within 24 hours   checkmark sml
On your desktop support   checkmark sml
Urgent fix escalation   checkmark sml
Escalation management   checkmark sml

Basic Support Service

The Basic support service offering is an update package that entitles customers to fixes, updates and new releases during the period of coverage. All updates and releases are available via ftp download and can be mailed upon request. Updates and releases are provided on the official date of release.

Full Support Service

Full support service is our premium support which offers services over and above the Basic support package. Full support includes the following:


  • Direct, Personalized Support

    Direct personalized support via phone, email or fax Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (weekends and Canadian holidays exempted). PCI Geomatics' regional service model is designed to provide you with a positive and personalized service. We have assigned customer service teams to specific regions so that we can quickly and efficiently resolve any product concerns you may have.

  • Toll free telephone access in North America

    Countries outside of North America are serviced through our extensive reseller network. If you purchase a PCI Geomatics support contract, you have the choice of either working with your designated reseller or directly with PCI Geomatics customer support. The choice is yours.

  • Free License Transfers

    Free license transfer from UNIX to Windows, Windows to Windows, or UNIX to UNIX

  • Multi-lingual Services

    Technical personnel, fluent in French or Spanish are available upon request.

  • Guaranteed 24-hour Response

    Responses within one business day. Hours of operation are 8.30 am to 5.30 pm Eastern Time, Monday to Friday (selected holidays excepted).

  • Remote Desktop Support

    Support technicians will view the application(s) on your desktop to effectively guide you through corrective procedures.

  • Urgent fix escalation

    Provides a fix for your problem before the provision of the next official update.

  • Escalation management

    We will provide frequent updates on the progress of all urgent issues that you bring to our attention.

In the case of third party products all of the above applies with the exception of phone support (item 1), desktop support (item 6) and urgent fix escalation (item We will provide direct, personalized support via email and/or fax for all third party products. Support is limited to Level 1 support which is defined as installation, licensing and simple how to questions. In the case of Level 2 support or greater (including urgent fix escalation), PCI Geomatics will act as the liaison between you and the third party.

Included Service

With every purchase of a PCI software product you will receive:

  • Thirty (30) days of free full support service from the day the order is placed with PCI Geomatics. The offer of thirty (30) days free support is non-transferable and cannot be carried forward if left unused. Unlimited installation and license guarantee assures successful installation of the current version of PCI Geomatics software. This means that regardless of whether or not you have opted for full support service, you retain access to PCI technical support for licensing and installation issues in reference to the latest version of our software.


    We also endeavor to ensure that older versions of our software can be installed and licensed successfully on the system(s) for which they were built and tested. We cannot, however, guarantee an immediate response to, or resolution of, issues pertaining to older versions of the software but will attempt to assist in solving them in a suitable timeframe. In the case of outdated older software versions for which we can no longer provide support, we reserve the right to indicate that to the customer, in writing. An appropriate offer to upgrade will be made through your sales representative.

  • A Customer Service Report can be submitted by either completing our online Web-Report Form or by reporting the problem in writing, via email. We will endeavor to assess the Bug Report and work with our Research and Development team to fix the problem. However, an immediate response is not guaranteed if not covered under the terms of a service agreement.
  • Access to public resources on the PCI Geomatics website is available to all customers. This includes frequently asked questions, tutorials, models, technical tips and any other public resources.

Additional Notes

  • Releases and updates are provided for the current operating system and future versions as dictated by the market.
  • Older versions of a given operating system may not work with newer versions or updates of the software.
  • We do endeavor to be relevant to the marketplace for any supported operating system.
  • PCI Geomatics reserves the right to discontinue support for any given operating system. In such case, we will provide the user with a one (1) year notice of intention to discontinue the operating system with an appropriate license transfer to a supported platform. A multi-year service agreement does not supersede this condition.
  • For third party products the support/update policy of the individual vendor(s) applies.

   For more information please contact:

Deborah Panagopoulos
PCI Sales Representative

Canada-flag  Canada
  +1 (819) 770-0022 Ext. 216
  +1 (819) 770-0098
United-states-flag  USA
  +1 (703) 243-3705


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